Masks for Adults & Children

Aloha Face Masks

For every 3 masks that I make, I give 1 away. They are primarily made from 100% cotton although in recent weeks, some poly is sneaking in. If you cannot pay and need one, email me. EVERYONE needs to wear a mask in public spaces! My most recent line has a lovely pretty stitching along the seams.  Check out the Store!



If you have any questions about shopping here...

I have more than 30 different materials. I have a few that are not shown, so if you don't see the one you want, please email me and we can discuss.

Coupon deal...

I am currently running a special - buy 4, get the 5th one free. When checking out please use the code "NextDoor" in the checkout page and you will get the 5th one free. Make sure it's a part of your order.

Do you want to skip the credit card thing...

If you prefer to pay with Venmo or Zelle, just email me your order and add $3.50 for shipping. If you want more than 6 masks, shipping is $8.50.

How to

Caring for Cloth Face Covers - safe washing and storage

Wash and dry on high heat before first use and after every daily use

Wash your hands after handling your used/worn face covers

If needed, iron face covers to help them keep their shape

Store in a clean, dry place, plastic baggies work great!

Throw away face covers that are showing signs of wear